Transform your workspace. Empower your workforce

Round Table “Transform your workspace. Empower your workforce.” (BE) – Dell Technologies / VMWare


25 april 2019

10:00 - 14:00



Hof Ter Imde

Beekstraat 32, Meise


Already, businesses can see a direct correlation between empowering a productive workforce and the success of business transformation. It’s time for organisations to deliver on the true expectation of the digital workplace.

Stay on top of IT expectations with modern workplace solutions that allow your team to work securely – anywhere, anytime.  The way people work has changed. How did you meet that need?

As digital becomes the norm, leaders and industry execs need to re-think legacy IT practices to create a more agile and empowered workforce. In today’s digital age, humans are used to ubiquitous access to connectivity, services and information. Often, their personal technology outstrips that of the organisations for whom they work. Organisations must address this gap in expectation and place humans at the centre of digital strategy, thereby addressing -workplace and workforce effectiveness as a priority.

We will discuss topics such as “Shadow IT”, a growing momentum as companies try to keep up with users. We’ll also explore issues on how IT leaders can create more flexible and secure user workspaces, as well as how to deliver relevant information to any device, anywhere, anytime.

During this session we invite you to engage and discuss with your peers. We will help you to gain new insights and discuss the major shifts in IT expectations and practices in how to create a flexible, mobile and more secure user workspace.

Because a lot of organizations share the same challenges, we have organized the Round Table session: “Transform your workspace. Empower your workforce. “. The Round Table will be held in English and will take place on Thursday 25th of April at 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM. During this session we invite you to engage and discuss with your peers. We will help you to gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge and experiences.


  • How do you build a workplace environment that provides modern business tools and meet the changing needs of a multi-generational workforce?
  • Ensuring that your organisation can attract and retain the right talent is key. What are the most important IT elements in driving employee engagement and supporting productivity?
  • Who are the most appropiate stakeholders to determine the tools and systems your workforce needs to be productive?
  • Which of these is more effective: incremental changes in ways of working to make use of standard tools. Or longer timeframes and personalised user solutions?

This exclusive event is made possible thanks to Dell Technologies and VMWare. They will be glad to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

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